Racerblack Tank: Part 1

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this weeks collection of posts. With summer, comes travel and wearing white (though I am an advocate of year round white). I try not to forget my trust friend black because it can be utilized in so many different ways. For travel, you can make bringing just your carry-on possible if you stick to one color pallet. Each look that I’ll be showing you this week vary’s in occasion and essentially only changes one item. Weekend getaway with a date night and one travel bag? Yes please!

View More: http://instantdeviephotography.pass.us/may-shoot

View More: http://instantdeviephotography.pass.us/may-shoot

View More: http://instantdeviephotography.pass.us/may-shoot

View More: http://instantdeviephotography.pass.us/may-shoot

View More: http://instantdeviephotography.pass.us/may-shoot

View More: http://instantdeviephotography.pass.us/may-shoot
For this outfit, I’ve paired my essential (the black, racerback tank) with a high waisted skinny jean and a cognac peep toe booty. I wore this out to lunch and walking around town. The sun was shining and I’m all about skin protection! Take advantage of hats being so on trend and prevent future skin damage!

The racerback tank is now on sale at JCrew factory for under $25!!  Stay tuned tomorrow for the Saturday date night transition with this same tank AND shoes!

The Long and Short

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View More: http://instantdeviephotography.pass.us/april-shoot

It’s simple, but one of my favorite looks. A long-sleeved shirt with shorts. I don’t know why, but it’s long been a summer go-to. While I realize the heat of Virginia doesn’t make much sense with a long-sleeved shirt, the ridiculous temperatures at which air conditioning is kept keeps me comfortable inside. I am also always about balance; Sometimes I feel like shorts with a tank top can be just plain too much skin. At the beach, it’s one thing, but I feel a little exposed walking around the grocery store like that. This is one of my favorite sweaters. I got it to wear at our business during Valentines day week, but it quickly became one that I grabbed year round. Even though it’s a sweater, the bright colors make it less seasonally specific.

Next week I’ve got one black silk cami styled 3 different ways. I’m super excited to show you how versatile you can make items in your closet. I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, I know I’m so grateful for those that have served and continue to protect simple freedoms that I take for granted every day!





This with That, Those with These

A little over a month ago, Johnna  (owner and creative behind Twila & Co.) and I got together for a lunch date. Johnna’s creativity has inspired me since we reconnected almost two years ago. She has an awesome vision of what she wants to accomplish and has the artistic ability to back it up (homegirl not only does incredible custom graphics, but she features items that you can purchase from her etsy store!). The talent is crazy.  Per our usual visits, we talked about life, what was going on with work and inevitably brought up projects that we were working on. I told Johnna that the blog I had started really motivated me to want to do more with the business and delve further into personal styling. I explained my three concepts to her and without hesitation, she volunteered her time and closet for me to play with!

When I style an individual, I always want to make sure that the image that they want to portray is very clearly communicated between the two of us. Though I’ve known Johnna for years, when we sat down we talked about her look, what fashion risks she was willing to take and most importantly what she was comfortable with. How you present yourself, especially if you own your own company, is your brand and that is something that, as a stylist, I do not want to compromise.

What Johnna and I did would be considered a wardrobe consultation. She had gone through her closet and selected items that she loved, was on the fence about getting rid of, frequently wore or new pieces that she wanted styled. Once we chatted and I was acquainted with her closet, I got to work. Within two hours, twenty outfits were styled. Some were day to night outfits, others were for events that Johnna has in the cue and some were outfits that were a little out of her comfort zone, but that still reflected Johnna’s style: preppy and girly with beachy elements and always polished. Below you’ll find the looks and places that you can find the (or similar) items.

And make sure you head on over to see everything that Johnna has to offer. Twila & Co. is a one stop shop to have a lot of different needs met. Wedding coming up? New business branding? Need some fun summer stationary? She’s got you covered at johnnahetrick.com !

Long-Sleeve White Tee, Tweed Gap Vest (Similar) , Jean Shorts with Booties (Similar)
Lace Top from Goodnight Macaroom (Similar) , Jean Shorts, Moccasins (Similar) , and Jewelry from India
Striped Old Navy Long-Sleeve Tee (Similar) , Yellow Linen Pants from J.Crew (Similar) , Sandals from J.Crew
J. Crew Sweater (Similar) , Pants from Anthropologie (Similar) , Old Navy Flats
Black Flowy Top from Brandi Melville (Similar) , Gold Sequin Shorts from Goodnight Macaroon (Similar)  and Target Mary Jane
J. Crew Sweater (Similar) , Hot Pink Sports Bra from Victoria’s Secret, Pants from Anthropologie (Similar) , Old Navy Flats



Polo Ralph Lauren Sweater (Similar), Old Navy Diva Jeans, Monogrammed Ball Cap, Duckies (Similar)
Ralph Lauren Striped Polo, Lacoste Light Blue Sweater, Yellow Linen Pants from J.Crew (Similar) , Sandals from J.Crew
Long Sleeve Black Top, Forever 21 Tweed Shorts , Tan Scarf, Flats from Target (Option 2 with Jean Jacket from Abercrombie)
Top from Anthropologie, Old Navy White Skinng Jean s(Similar) , Tory Burch Revas (Similar)
Top from Anthropologie , Shorts from Lilly Pulitzer (Similar) , and Tory Burch Reva Flats (Similar) or Jack Rogers
Top from J.Crew Factory , Old Navy White Skinny Jeans (Similar) , Sandals from Chico’s, Jewelry from Forever 21
White Sweater from TJ Maxx (Similar) , Anthropologie Striped Top, Banana Republic Black Jeans (Similar) , Tory Burch Amy Pump or Sandals from Walmart (Similar)
Forever 21 White Blazer (Similar) , Cat Shirt from Wal-mart (Similar Idea) (Thanks Aaron!), and Black Banana Republic Skinny Jeans (Similar) , Sandals from Wal-Mart (Similar)
Leopard Print Shawl from World Market (Similar) , Hanes V-Neck Tee, J. Crew Shorts (Similar) , Anthropologie Sandals (Also matched with J.Crew skirt and American Apparel Skirt)
Anthropologie Denim Romper, Polo Ralph Lauren Button-Up, World Market Scarf, Jewelry from Francesca’s, Jack Rogers
Anthropologie Denim Romper, Old Navy Gingham Button-Up, White Scarf, Jewelry from Forever 21, Jack Rogers Mini Wedge
NIGHT VERSION | Love Tank from Forever 21 and Tory Burch Wedges
DAY VERSION | Lavender Tibi Sweater (Similar) , Old Navy Tami, Old Navy Diva Skinny Jeans with Gap Flats (Similar)
Anthropologie Denim Romper, H&M Tan Sweater (Similar) , Jewelry from Thrift Store, Tory Burch Tortoise Cuff (Similar) , and Booties
Ruffled Top (Similar) , Black Tulle Skirt, Cognac Thin Belt with Gold Studs (Similar) , and Passion Purple Tory Burch Reva Flats (Similar) or Tory Burch Amy Pump


See option with Denim for details!