A Trip to Neverland

 This time last week I was gearing up for my first solo trip since having Elliot. What better excuse than a fashion show, right? It was my first fashion show andI have to say that Ralph Lauren did not disappoint. I wore a pair of Ralph Collection pumps and tried to channel the effortlessly chic Manhattan summer look with a pair of ivory linen wide legs and a soft pink oxford.

From the location (the Central Park Zoo), the Neverland theme and the naturally styled kids that walked the show I couldn’t have asked for a more lovely experience. It was an absolute breath of fresh air to see kids that, well, looked like kids. Rachel Zoe’s delicious son, Skyler, took a perfect sprint down the runway and little girls wore fairy wings while passing each other with high fives. The whimsey and excitement didn’t distract from the impeccable clothing that was both modest and stylish. Cheers to a company that allows children to be children while also, clearly, encouraging an appreciation for fashion and self-expression.

Mother Goose

View More: http://instantdeviephotography.pass.us/dirty-dishes

View More: http://instantdeviephotography.pass.us/dirty-dishes

View More: http://instantdeviephotography.pass.us/dirty-dishes

View More: http://instantdeviephotography.pass.us/dirty-dishes

Since having Elliot, I have been re-exposed to the nursery rhymes that I so often ran around jingling as a child. When you’re a kid, you get the beat of the poem in your head and just say the words without really listening to them. Well, children’s fairy tails tend to be scary and a little depressing.

While I am not an old woman, nor do I live in a shoe and I certainly do not have so many children I don’t know what to do, I am often baffled at the amount of laundry and dishes that one tiny child and a husband can accrue. I imagine that if said old woman lived in a shoe and were truly chasing around so many children  she did not know what to do, that her stacks would look something like what I drummed up. I also think she might not be wearing a skirt as they portray her in the illustrations, but a practical pant.

I wanted to use my husbands suspenders for this shoot (because the last thing a woman running after kids needs to be doing is yanking up her pants), but as they were the button on (real live) ones, I purchased these guys for $3.00 in the dollar section of Target. I actually love them and have worn them since. The pants are an item that I’ve had since high school (thank you Gap for making timeless, quality pieces) and a staple white t-shirt finishes out the look!

I hope you’ve liked seeing a glimpse into my quirky little brain. It’s been nice to expose that nerdy side of myself. I hope you all have a fabulous Easter weekend with beautiful sunshine, family, a reminder of renewal and a healthy dose of chocolate shaped bunnies!



Similar pants in a summer version at Gap, suspenders at Target, white t-shirt at Old Navy (under $5!), Frye Boots

Where the Sidewalk Ends: With Willow



So taking outfit selfies requires the ability to contort, or four arms. I have neither and thankfully to this point Minh has been my saving grace. Bear with me today.

It’s pretty yucky here, so Willow and I had a relatively short stroll. I struggled for a long time wearing these pants because I thought people in the town I live in would look at me like I’m crazy, and maybe they do, but I love them and they are actually pretty practical when it’s cold and wet.

They are vegan leather, which is the new, far more sofisticated sounding “pleather” that I used to sport in the early 2000’s. Because of that, they’re water resistent (who needs rain boots when you have vegan leather?) and basically like walking around in a trash bag (that equals warm). I also really appreciate the affordability. Leather pants start at a price point of $250 which is really a splurge. I paired these guys with a western inspired chambray dress (similar shirt here). It softens the look, making it more accessible; Throw on some sneaks and it’s pretty darn comfortable!