Technology, Comfort and Recycled Trends

Technology, Comfort and Recycled Trends
Once upon a time, Casio watches were ubiquitously unfashionable and to think that the farm-ready over-all would ever be considered chic wasn’t a possibility. But, my friends, times are a-changing.
Celine featured the once abhorred slide on the runway and several years later, every mass market retailer is selling their version and high-schoolers and adults alike all over the world are hopping on board; not because they are a particularly flattering look (though they ARE comfortable – unless the arch of your foot catches the back ledge), but because that’s what the trend is dictating.
Likewise, we saw a lot of wider legs on the runway this season and suddenly the world is covered in flare. Do we actually like Birkenstocks and 70’s inspired denim? Does the iWatch actually look chic or does it vaguely resemble a calculator on our wrists? Maybe a calculator on our wrists is chic.
I’ve always like the expression “You look smart”, referring to how someones dresses. It’s generally meant to compliment how put together someone looks, but I’m beginning to like applying it to smart choices. Fashion has evolved so much over the years. For long periods, it’s meant discomfort (think Marie Antoinette wigs and Scarlett O’Hara corsets even SJP sky-high heels); It seems to me however, that we are entering the feel-good fashion era. What say you about all of these new, once abominable trends? The question now is how to determine which trends you will fall prey to and why. Does comfort outweigh what may be flattering to our body types? Does functionality trump form?
Personally, I’m enjoying the mix. I love a t-shirt and jeans with heels. iWatch? No problem. Pair it with my usual cuffs and call it a day. Try incorporating things that you may be more familiar with, with risks keeping in mind that what we now see as a fashion risk actually lends us to being a bit more comfortable!