Denim Discovery

Most days we explore.

I’ve been working on my photo skills, so E gets her own little paparazzi following her around the yard. My number one tactic is to not have her pose; she does whatever it is that she’s going to do and I talk to her. Sometimes about silly things to get a smile, but mostly I just observe through my lens and I am certain that one day I will be so incredibly happy that I did. These are a handful of 150 that I took. Some of the others are less picturesque, but one day I will miss her tiny finger pointing at me asking me to follow her.

Also, Denim On Denim On Denim at any and every age. I heart it.


Jeans, Jacket, Boots, Bow


The Long and Short

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It’s simple, but one of my favorite looks. A long-sleeved shirt with shorts. I don’t know why, but it’s long been a summer go-to. While I realize the heat of Virginia doesn’t make much sense with a long-sleeved shirt, the ridiculous temperatures at which air conditioning is kept keeps me comfortable inside. I am also always about balance; Sometimes I feel like shorts with a tank top can be just plain too much skin. At the beach, it’s one thing, but I feel a little exposed walking around the grocery store like that. This is one of my favorite sweaters. I got it to wear at our business during Valentines day week, but it quickly became one that I grabbed year round. Even though it’s a sweater, the bright colors make it less seasonally specific.

Next week I’ve got one black silk cami styled 3 different ways. I’m super excited to show you how versatile you can make items in your closet. I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, I know I’m so grateful for those that have served and continue to protect simple freedoms that I take for granted every day!