Wednesdays with Willow

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So, I really love my dog. She’ll be three this May and I couldn’t ask for a better little companion. We either walk or have extended ball play outside everyday. Some days, it’s after getting home from running errands and other days it’s when I’m sipping on my coffee, but I always make time for her.

In this dog walking outfit I’ve paired an equestrian style blazer with one of my favorite pairs of skinny jeans and some oxfords. I like to add a little glam with the belt, which also helps with giving the jacket a little shape. It is a sporting blazer, so there’s a lot of extra room.

Here are some tips for when wearing a blazer:

1. Don’t always button the blazer (or sweater) before belting.

2. Protect your neck and pop the collar. This one can be hard for some because of the early 2000’s “popped” polo collar. It was an obnoxious trend at the time, but I actually like it. This styling tip does two things: frames the neck, which in turn elongates the appearance of the neck and gives that unintentionally styled look that is my  go to.

Blazer (Similar Here), Jeans (Seven for all Mankind), Shoes (Target), Sunglasses (Tory Burch), Belt (Michael Kors)

Elliot’s outfit. Baby Armani

Willows Collar: Boots and Barkley via Target

Photo Credit: Instant de Vie Photography

Belted Bliss

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I always get a little bummed at the end of the winter when I feel like it’s frivolous to buy a new coat, but am so sick of wearing the tried and true that has kept me warm all season. This is a coat that I’ve had for almost four years; I cherish it, not just because of the perfect lines, luscious collar and the fact that it’s white, but because it was given to me by my brother-in-law as the coat I would wear during the send off on my wedding day (I was married in the dead of winter on Christmas Eve).

Usually, the coat is tied at the waist with a sash that matches the coat. The sash is like a robe and maybe I’m a spaz that can’t tie it tight enough, but when I started wearing it to walk and get my mail, it came untied. Not an ideal situation when carrying a baby. Then it occurred to me, let’s harness myself in with a structured leather belt! I liked that it gave a juxtaposition of the soft, feminine, white wool with harsh black leather AND it solved my problem! There’s nothing like function in fashion.

We’ve still got some cold days left in store for us: unless it’s a super classic coat that’s on crazy sale or something that you are seeing as trending for next fall too (shearling started this season, but per the runways it’s going to be huge next fall in channeling the 70’s look that’s making a resurgence), try to see what accessories you have in your closet that can jazz up your existing outer-wear!

Coat (Calvin Klein), Similar option here (Macy’s), Leggings (Reebok), Boots (Target) similar option here (Sorel) , Belt (Ann Taylor)

Little Elliot’s Outfit: Snow Suit (Gap), Similar option here. (Gap)

Photo credit: Instand de Vie Photography