Wardrobe Consultation

A Wardrobe consultation consists of me coming to your home and taking items from your closet and re-styling them. It’s for someone on a mission to repurpose what they’ve already got and is great if you’ve got a tight budget to stick to for this seasons newest looks.

Wardrobe Edit

This is ordinarily in conjunction with personal shopping. We will go through your closet and get rid of items that are no longer on trend, don’t fit or flatter your body type or that you are just finished with. Having an unbiased set of eyes can help with getting rid of items kept for sentimentality rather than usability. (Don’t worry, I’m not heartless. I still have the first shirt I wore on a date with my husband.)

Personal Shopping

Want to go to the mall and get some new things? Can’t stand shopping, but have a need to revamp your closet? I can either get your sizes and go for you or we can become best buds and take a trip together.

Special Event Styling

Weddings, baby showers, charity, military events anything that you want one-time styling help for. I will either start from scratch or help you style clothing that you’ve already purchased for the event.

Photo Shoot Styling

From clothing to props, we will chat and communicate an understanding for your vision and I will present you with different “story boards”. Once you’ve made a selection, I can make it happen or point you in the right direction.


Credentials and other information

Certified Fashion Stylist from Fashion Stylist Institute, based out of SACRAMENTO, CA
Check out my Pinterest account for different looks I’ve styled and as always, remember that I will capture the look that YOU love! I look forward to working with you, please feel free to contact me for pricing at