Dear Mom


Becoming a mom wasn’t something that I was ever afraid of. I was mentally prepared for all of the things that I would need to do. I was a nanny from 12 (yep, I have always been an old soul) until I left for college. I knew how to warm frozen breast milk and deal with a blowout. I had practiced the creeping out of the room as they fell asleep maneuver. Basically, I was confident going in to being a mother. It helped having an amazing example of a mother, but if I’m being totally transparent I was eager (and stubborn) to do it all myself and not need help. I still am in ways, but that’s another story for another day.
Having Elliot was by far the most humbling experience I have ever had. It doesn’t matter how much you think you know or are prepared for, there is absolutely nothing. NOTHING. That can prepare you for the love that you feel as a mother. For the absolute joy and absolute fear that can all be happening at the same time. I struggle to even write this, because there aren’t words. I’ll keep it short and say that moms are insane. We are overbearing. We are (or should be) an unfiltered support group for one another. We nag. We forget to brush our teeth. We hover. We worry. We are silly. We are hard on you. We let you fall. We pick you up. We wipe tears. We make smiles. We think about you before we think about ourselves. We don’t want to let you grow up, but are so excited and proud to see who you will become. We see ourselves in you, good and sometimes bad. And we love. Unconditionally.

So to my own Mom. I get you a little bit more after these last few years and thank you, quite simply because I don’t have any better words. To expecting moms. Brace yourself for the most fearfully wonderful ride. To new moms. Come find me if you need a hug and a moment of “holy crap”. And to the moms who have experienced loss. I sincerely hope that your loss and sadness are one day met with overwhelming joy and healing.

“Mom” Shirt 



Mom and Mini

We all have things that we just plain old get joy from. I really enjoy planning parties and cooking as does my friend, Candace, so we made some plans. We decided on Saturday that we wanted to have a little Mother’s Day lunch with just ourselves and our girls today. We had pinned things to each other back and forth and for the most part (other than ribbons and some flowers) had everything already, so we went with it.

I think there is something to be said for slowing down and taking a minute to appreciate the people that we have in our lives and breath for a moment to make a memory. Our daughters had the best time playing while we cooked and were equally excited to try the recipes (mostly the lavender honey cookies) after we set the table outside. She and I got to enjoy our lunch and talk uninterrupted while they played with balloons and came back for more cookies and fruit.

To all of the mama’s out there: Take a minute this week to enjoy being a mom. We are always running around wiping faces and worried about them falling (at least I am). I’d encourage you to try to make a fun memory or tradition. Maybe a picnic like one from the blog a few weeks ago. Or just read a book with them tonight and enjoy the story rather than worrying about putting them to bed so you can clean up the kitchen or get a load of laundry done. The business of life can clutter the tiny joys and the things that we once found a treat are now simply a part of the routine. I work really hard at not allowing that to happen in my life and it certainly doesn’t come naturally, but when I actually practice what I’m preaching, I am SO incredibly thankful that I did. Happy Mother’s Day week to all of the mom’s out there!

Little Girls Outfits: Culottes , Sweater, Bows 

All of the recipes and decor ideas are from Pinterest. Who knew?

Mothers Day Gift Guide

I feel like buying for a mom is difficult. Some prefer extravagant gifts that they will have forever. Others find flowers completely impractical. A homemade gift is always special, but I feel like there are ways to step them up in to being really lovely keepsakes. Here are some of my picks categorized for your ease!


For the expensive heirloom. A necklace with kids initials or a purse monogrammed with kids initials. A little different from a personal monogram, but something that when passed down, will have a special, unique meaning. I especially love these necklaces because they are hidden monograms. When it rests on your neck, it just looks like a chic pendant. And you can’t go wrong with an animal print bag. #amiright?

For the morning coffee lover. Super sweet spoons to stir your sugar in with and an AWESOME kettle that is clean visually and so fun. Hello watching the water boil together in the morning!

For the “flowers are impractical” mom. Get a plant. Preferably one that helps them chill out about things like cut flowers being impractical. Herbs are an awesome option for that and Orchids last forever and are easy maintenance. Just give them a shot (literally) of water once a week.

For the homemade gift. I love framing Elliot’s art. I have a picture below of a sketch of a fairy that I drew that she then painted. She did it when she was probably 18 months and stayed in all of the lines. It was a special day. A special memory associated with it, so I framed it and it is hanging on the wall. It elevates the magnet on the fridge picture and for someone like me, feels less cluttered also. The second homemade gift: bath salts. You can get epsom salts for very inexpensive, find a nice glass jar and use any essential oils that you like or have around the house. Make it extra special with a scoop that has a message tied onto it. It’s not only thoughtful, but can serve medicinal purposes! Like relaxing her about said cut flowers above.


Whatever you do, I always keep one thing in mind. Gift what someone else wants, not what you want to give. My dad really loves wool socks. Not the most fun thing to buy. But hey, the man likes them. You can also check out my gift ideas board on Pinterest for more ideas!


Happy Wednesday everyone! Keep an eye out later this week for a quick video and recipe featuring my homemade applesauce! It has NO REFINED SUGAR. Woot. Woot.