crunch crispy.

I have spent the last five years of marriage trying to master rice crispy treats. My husband had the most precious family that watched him when he was little and we are now fortunate to have them close by and also, in our lives (I’m talking multi-generational perfection, here). I mention this because those are the rice crispy treats that I have been trying to match in comparison.

Whenever I make them, he eats them, but I get a, “they aren’t Thelma’s”. The last two batches have been vocally confirmed as being closer to her recipe and I’m going to have to call it a secret recipe because I never measure. I add marshmallows until it looks right and slowly add store-brand-only rice crisps until the consistency might be what I want it to be. I never really know if they turn out perfect until they are cool and that’s past the point of no return, so it’s a toss-up. In this process E and I have had the best time throwing in marshmallows together and she is now a HUGE fan of “crunch crispy treats”.

I have loved seeing her enthusiasm for the kitchen grow. It’s something that I can always remember being a part of and I am thrilled that she loves to help me just as much as I did as a little girl.

This shirt is my new summer favorite. It’s a great, rich blue and E already had a lot of things that coordinated. This t-shirt is a perfect example of one that I like to dress up and down. Here it’s for a day at the house with a pair of culottes that can also be dressed up with a great heel. We are a no-shoes-in-the-house family, so here I’m barefoot, but it would look great with a natural espadrille for a casual look.

Mom: Shirt. Similar shirt here (under $6!). Similar pant here and here. Watch. On sale now, under $80

Mini: Similar pants here. Similar top here. Bow. (these two are the same look, but in yellow rather than blue)

Kitchen: Pot. Glass Jar. Similar dish here.

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