Mom and Mini

We all have things that we just plain old get joy from. I really enjoy planning parties and cooking as does my friend, Candace, so we made some plans. We decided on Saturday that we wanted to have a little Mother’s Day lunch with just ourselves and our girls today. We had pinned things to each other back and forth and for the most part (other than ribbons and some flowers) had everything already, so we went with it.

I think there is something to be said for slowing down and taking a minute to appreciate the people that we have in our lives and breath for a moment to make a memory. Our daughters had the best time playing while we cooked and were equally excited to try the recipes (mostly the lavender honey cookies) after we set the table outside. She and I got to enjoy our lunch and talk uninterrupted while they played with balloons and came back for more cookies and fruit.

To all of the mama’s out there: Take a minute this week to enjoy being a mom. We are always running around wiping faces and worried about them falling (at least I am). I’d encourage you to try to make a fun memory or tradition. Maybe a picnic like one from the blog a few weeks ago. Or just read a book with them tonight and enjoy the story rather than worrying about putting them to bed so you can clean up the kitchen or get a load of laundry done. The business of life can clutter the tiny joys and the things that we once found a treat are now simply a part of the routine. I work really hard at not allowing that to happen in my life and it certainly doesn’t come naturally, but when I actually practice what I’m preaching, I am SO incredibly thankful that I did. Happy Mother’s Day week to all of the mom’s out there!

Little Girls Outfits: Culottes , Sweater, Bows 

All of the recipes and decor ideas are from Pinterest. Who knew?

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