Mothers Day Gift Guide

I feel like buying for a mom is difficult. Some prefer extravagant gifts that they will have forever. Others find flowers completely impractical. A homemade gift is always special, but I feel like there are ways to step them up in to being really lovely keepsakes. Here are some of my picks categorized for your ease!


For the expensive heirloom. A necklace with kids initials or a purse monogrammed with kids initials. A little different from a personal monogram, but something that when passed down, will have a special, unique meaning. I especially love these necklaces because they are hidden monograms. When it rests on your neck, it just looks like a chic pendant. And you can’t go wrong with an animal print bag. #amiright?

For the morning coffee lover. Super sweet spoons to stir your sugar in with and an AWESOME kettle that is clean visually and so fun. Hello watching the water boil together in the morning!

For the “flowers are impractical” mom. Get a plant. Preferably one that helps them chill out about things like cut flowers being impractical. Herbs are an awesome option for that and Orchids last forever and are easy maintenance. Just give them a shot (literally) of water once a week.

For the homemade gift. I love framing Elliot’s art. I have a picture below of a sketch of a fairy that I drew that she then painted. She did it when she was probably 18 months and stayed in all of the lines. It was a special day. A special memory associated with it, so I framed it and it is hanging on the wall. It elevates the magnet on the fridge picture and for someone like me, feels less cluttered also. The second homemade gift: bath salts. You can get epsom salts for very inexpensive, find a nice glass jar and use any essential oils that you like or have around the house. Make it extra special with a scoop that has a message tied onto it. It’s not only thoughtful, but can serve medicinal purposes! Like relaxing her about said cut flowers above.


Whatever you do, I always keep one thing in mind. Gift what someone else wants, not what you want to give. My dad really loves wool socks. Not the most fun thing to buy. But hey, the man likes them. You can also check out my gift ideas board on Pinterest for more ideas!


Happy Wednesday everyone! Keep an eye out later this week for a quick video and recipe featuring my homemade applesauce! It has NO REFINED SUGAR. Woot. Woot.




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