PJ Day

As a Mom, Mondays are my favorite. Mondays are, as often as I am able to, reserved for being at home with E. Recovering the house from the weekend (by Sunday night, I’m literally dying to clean) and being with E are the only two priorities. I am ordinarily a get up and dressed-for-the-day kind of person, but I give myself Mondays to keep my pajama pants on, throw on a clean shirt and have an easy, at-home day.

Elliot is at an amazing age: she still wants to match me (Hanna Andersson has the most amazing pajamas for the entire family. Once you start, they’re pretty hard to beat comfort wise) and tells me that I am her best friend, but she is also more independent with each day. If I have things to get done in the kitchen, she posts up at the sink and will play with scoops and bubbles for hours. I am constantly in awe of the wonderful imagination that she has; in ways it has challenged me to revisit my own that may have been lost in the cob webs. Something that I am learning as she gets older is that she has a desire to help and be a part of what is going on, so her sink playtime is evolving into her being given tiny tasks and loving every second of it.

Back to the Hannas, though. I am incredibly picky about what I sleep in. I don’t love regular pajama pants because they ride up my legs and end up in a nice glob behind my knees. Leggings make me feel claustrophobic and joggers are too tight of elastic around the ankle. Enter Hanna Andersson legging pajamas. The have a nice wide ankle, so they don’t ride up my leg or cut in to my lower calf and the are so. freaking. soft. They use all organic cotton and have an unconditional guarantee. What else can you ask for?

Who else is picky like me? Or am i the only spaz who has taken 10 years to re-find the perfect PJ?


Photography: Instant de Vie Photography

Pajamas: Hanna Andersson, Mom and Mini

Button Down: J Crew, similar here

Bow: Little Poppy Bow Co.

Stool: Ikea

Yellow Egg Bowl


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