Easter with Ease

I think we are all guilty of over-thinking holidays and special occasions, myself probably more than others. I have an incessant need to plan and have everything timed out, but I think as a host, the joy can get lost.

This year, as much as I fight it, I’m trying to learn the beauty of keeping it simple, using what I have and putting extra attention into specific areas that really make a difference as opposed to being obsessive about every tiny, likely unnoticed by others, detail.

For my husband and I , flowers (and the food/drink) are the most important and I genuinely enjoy the process of making arrangements. He also grows orchids, so I have quick access to some pretty extraordinary ones. This also opens up the opportunity to use local florists for cuts, which I love. As Elliot is getting older and wants to be a part of things, I try to include elements that are special for her; the flowers kill two birds, but I like having playful aspects, like a darling waist cape and bunnies.

With Easter approaching quickly and summer upon us, I thought I’d show an example of something I’m hoping to do this summer more often, but would be equally perfect for a low-key Easter gathering. A picnic, that’s dressed up a bit, but easy and relaxing no less! I find that a charcuterie plate and fresh fruit right in the colander are so simple and quick to pull together; Sweet treats and books lend to special moments that are hard to come buy at a busy dinner table. And my favorite is getting to watch Elliot simply imagine while we observe. Honestly, I feel like you can’t go wrong with whatever your family favorites are. I promise, if you take the time to do it, either in a park or your back yard, the charm of it is addicting and won’t disappoint.

We hope that you all have a joyful Easter filled with joy, family and reflection!


Photography by Instant De Vie Photography

Good Earth Flowers, Ballerina Bunny and Mr. Bunny, Faribault Blanket, Twila and Co. painted eggs, Williams-Sonoma picnic basket, Macaroons by Cassis

Mom: Anthropologie (Similar Here), Lace top over dress, DND Jewelery,

Mini: Xaria & Co. leotard, Little Posh & Co. Waist Cape, Yosi Samra Flats, Little Poppy & Co. Bow

Location: Salubria, Culpeper, VA



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