Luck of the Irish

A few weeks back my friend, Candace, and I decided we wanted to do some St. Patrick’s day pictures of our girls. They are the sweetest little friends and actually enjoy playdates with each other (as in both get upset if they can’t hang out, even if we didn’t have plants together that day). Candace had scored this great little romper for her daughter and I loved it styled with a cozy sweater and, my always favorite, knee socks. We mulled over it a bit; neither of us wanted your typical green tutu’s and sequined shamrocks for Elliot and my Little Poppy Bow subscription came just in time to use the green floral bow as my starting point. I liked the simplicity of it with this consignment find (thanks, Mom) pilgrim top and the natural color of the cord shorts made me feel like it was something timeless. They had matching little golden clogs that were just perfect for their exploring.

The second part came when we both voted on creating a fun little memory for them rather than posing them in some sort of fashion that they would ultimately end up upset and hating us.  Living where I do, I often get to see both sides of a rainbow and it’s pretty magical, the idea of them “finding” what I’ve always imagined is at the end of a rainbow seemed whimsical. So away we went.

I have a huge cauldron that was my grandmothers; I use it for so many different things, who would have known a massive copper pot would serve so many purposes. To me, it was the perfect pot of gold. We wanted to incorporate the rainbow; naturally, my insanely talented friend whipped out rainbow streamers in about 30 seconds (I was trying to find them on amazon and she said “I can make them” like it was nothing. She also made them princess themed ones. Perhaps a VLOG on those with her in the future). Then there was the loot. No ordinary coin would do, so we found good old Palmer’s chocolate coins that the girls had the best time discovering and made the most spectacular mess with.

We hope you enjoy these pictures. They made my heart happy!


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