Valentine’s Day DIY

Any excuse to have a themed party, is one that I jump on. Elliot enjoys the little details and I am hopeful that one day she will know how much love was put into them. That being said, to go out and just buy everything that I see and love gets pricy. Seasonal garlands can get expensive and they are SUPER simple to make. I’ve used felt and yarn, but you could easily do with cut construction paper or whatever you have!

Today I have the step by step pictures for two projects that I used entirely with things that I already had just being repurposed! Below are pictures and lists of the supplies that I used for each step, in addition to some written instructions. Head over to my Facebook page for a video and some toddler cuteness that helped along! Friday I’ll have a video on Facebook of Elliot and I making lollipops for all of her little friends!

Valentine Garland


Felt hearts (similar here)


Hole puncher

  1. Organize hearts in whatever pattern you would like them to appear.  (I wanted no pattern, so I threw them on the floor and let Elliot hand them to me. Accomplished my task and she loved it)
  2. Go through your stack and two holes at the peak of the heart for stringing later.
  3. Thread the hearts! Be sure to pay attention that the yarn is on the front of the same side as you thread the hearts.

Heart Craft


Heart stencil






  1. Trace any heart-shaped object that you’ve chosen to use (or just draw one!)
  2. Cut out the heart shape
  3. Cut a large amount of yarn depending on the size of your heart
  4. Tape yarn to center of heart and begin wrapping yarn around the heart
  5. Tuck the loose end in and tape as inconspicuously as possible

Tip: If you want to use less yarn, paint your heart and let it dry before the wrapping process!

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