At Home Hair

Hair has always been the thing that makes me feel more confident when everything else is a mess. If I’m having a down day, I take the extra time to do my hair and always feel better. I am also an exceptional control freak when it comes to my hair. For example, on my wedding day, I called the salon to cancel my appointment (that I had already had a full consultation and approved of the style) because I was terrified that I would have a disaster on my wedding day. When everyone went to the salon, I sat, peacefully curling and braiding my own hair and couldn’t be happier with that life decision.

I feel like the biggest mistake that I made for years, and probably still do when it comes to color, is wanting things that don’t work for my hair texture. I’ve learned through trial and too many bad hair days that product and understanding how to style your hair type is super important. My hair is very fine, but I have A LOT of it so at first glance it’s flat with little texture, but when you dive in it’s a lot to work with. It really requires the extra time of curling small portions of hair and using products for texture and grip. Ones I resolved to my hair type, things got exponentially less frustrating.

Below is a gallery of different looks that I did within 15 minutes after an initial prep time of about 30 minutes. The prep includes dry shampoo, velcro rollers, a blow dryer, curling iron, texture dust (I have no clue what this is actually called, but it should be called fairy dust it’s so good), a comb and my good old hands (but not too much because the oils will counter all of the product used). I realize that the list sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t so overwhelming. I’m curious if you guys would like a video tutorial to explain? Let me know what you think and I’ll follow-up this post with some video content to show what I do!

Hope you have a great Wednesday and P.S. Click on the images for an explanation of the hairs! xx C

3 thoughts on “At Home Hair

  1. I love the top knot! The pigtails are fun too. I really like this because I have lots of fine hair as well! And I have never taken the time to find good products for my hair type so I’m excited for your suggestions!

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