What I Would’ve Worn

I kept you guys posted with my favorites as the Oscars 2016 Red Carpet went on last night, but I slept on it and decided which dress I wish I could wear ( I have two picks, because with all of those options who could pick one?!) and which dress would make my worse list if my opinion mattered. 

I completely missed J-Law on the Red Carpet and then I saw her sitting in the awards ceremony and it made me happy. The look reminded me of her pre-Dior contract days when she wore the Red Calvin Klein dress and just owned it. It didn’t look like she was trying too hard. It didn’t look like she was uncomfortable. She was just there, effortlessly making us all wish we did have a Dior contract.

Rachel McAdams dress would be the dress I wish I had the confidence to wear. I mean, the column look and fabric don’t lend to any flaws and it’s so simple that there’s nothing to distract you from her striking look. Her beauty choices were on point and nothing short of beautiful.

Now to Brie Larson. I was super disappointed with her dress. Her red carpet appearances are usually interesting, but pretty chic. The dress was distracting to me and her hair was underwhelming. I am pretty sure this was how I did my hair for my Senior Prom… when I was 17. I don’t like dogging people, because she had a big night and probably felt nothing but beautiful. I would have chosen something a bit more sophisticated had I been nominated for an Oscar. Just saying.

Happy Monday. Time for lots of coffee and jumping jacks to wake up.