Peaceful Resolve

I’m sitting here, ready to say goodbye to 2015 and welcome a new year and am feeling a bit reflective. I found it a good practice this year, to look at where I was a year ago (rather than where I wanted to be in the upcoming year) and be thankful for the changes that I had made or take note of things that I had let go and needed to be more diligent about.

It’s hard to believe, but this time last year Davis and Main style was one of my goals. I started it the following March and have gotten a lot of joy out of it. With all things that bring joy, there have also been disappointments. Being hard on myself or not finding that I was 100% satisfied with a result, but ultimately I am further with this project than I was a year ago.

I had a chance earlier in the month of December to have a relaxing lunch and spend the day with one of my good friends, Minh, who also does all of the photography for Davis and Main Style. I am always grateful for our relationship because we bounce creative ideas off of each other; keeping each other focused, but also allowing for dreams (perhaps beyond what is achievable in that very moment). She has an obvious talent of capturing special moments in time, but as I looked through some photographs that she had taken that day I got so happy and thankful because she has given me a gift of memories that I may have otherwise forgotten.

That brings me to my next blurb for you all which is to encourage each of you to be content with where you are today. In the new year we resolve for all sorts of changes in our lives; some to better our health, achieve personal or work goals. All of these are great, but the real achievement is peace with where you are right now. This is not to say “be lazy” or “be happy with whatever just happens upon you” it’s to remind you that if you don’t stop and appreciate where you are right now, you might miss it. If you don’t celebrate the fact that you’ve gotten a promotion or went on an amazing trip it’s likely that you’ll be looking to what’s next to satisfy you.

I hope to accomplish much in the new year. I have health goals. I have mom goals. I have goals for this tiny blog that means so much to me. But today, I’m happy to have had lunch with my oldest friend and be excited for the birth of another friends little girl. I’m thrilled to be making my little family dinner and probably falling asleep on the sofa with my husband before we hit midnight. Happy New Year to all of you and thank you so much for the support that you’ve given in 2015!

Photographs Instant de Vie Photography

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