Shortcomings of Shorts and a Simple Solution.

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Today we are discussing my internal battle with shorts. I love them in theory and I always think  that they look great on other people, but for myself I find that I have to wear them on a day that I’m feeling great about my body. The emphasize every insecurity that one may have about their legs and lets be honest, nobody wants to see tush cleavage, but Bermuda shorts can be even less flattering than their stunted sisters. I usually wear jeans all summer long (my family thinks I’m insane because in Virginia the humidity hits about 80% mid June and stays there well into September).

The solution that I’ve come to cope with is a dress. For a mom, it’s a no-brainer. One piece, throw it on and go (be careful of length for you moms out there: bending over in a dress to pick up a pacifier can be even more dangerous than the aforementioned bottom cleavage). This particular dress has pockets which puts it high on my list for grab and go days. What are some of your favorite dress styles? Would love to see some picture posts of what dresses you may be wearing today!

Personally, I love a shirt dress. Here are some options for you!

1. Checked Shirtdress, Loft

2.  Dot Shirtdress, Loft

3. Relaxed Shirtdress, Gap

4. White Shirtdress, J. Crew

5. Drop waist Shirtdress, Anthropologie

Photo Credit Instant de Vie Photography

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