Putting on My Face

Everyday makeup
The first time that I ever had my makeup professionally done was in college. I made an appointment with the Bobbi Brown Rep and haven’t looked back since. Often when makeup is professionally done (this was from later experiences) you come out looking like a different person. In my opinion, makeup is intended to enhance your best features, not mask the ones you don’t love. The campaigns that the brand runs really show this and embrace women as different and unique individuals!
With the exception of my mascara (I used BB in the past and love it, but recently tried the L’oreal and thought it was a less expensive alternative), I use all Bobbi Brown products because I feel like they protect my skin. I can say that I’ve tried a lot of other foundations, but they all make me breakout and my skin feels like it is suffocating. In addition to makeup, Bobbi Brown has an awesome skin care line which I can also speak for!
I haven’t tried it yet, but there is a new Skin Serum that has SPF 40 and all sorts of skin benefitting ingredients. It’s in my shopping bag for the summer! Looking forward to giving you feedback on it in the coming months!
*Check out this and other sets on my Polyvore account!

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