Blooms, Baby, a Blouse and Buckled Shoes

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This shoot was probably my favorite that I’ve posted so far for several reasons. It’s no secret that I’m an advocate for never getting rid of things that are in good condition; the blouse is a perfect example. My mom gave this to me probably seven years ago after she wore it and I have never put it on. Every time I tried to purge, I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it. I love the feminine details of the ruffles and lace; while you can’t see them, the button closure is so unique that it was one more detail that kept me from tossing the shirt. I found the neck line bit revealing for everyday wear, so on the day I planned to wear it to meet Minh for lunch, I sewed an extra button on and what always felt a little over-exposed for everyday became a functional flowing top that was perfect for a warm spring day.

The shoes are another example. I honestly have no clue what decade they are from, based on the Gap label and knowing when they re-branded, they are probably from the early 90’s, but I’m obsessed. They are another item that I snatched from my mom, and boy am I glad.

The last reason I loved this shoot so much is my daughter. As she’s getting older, seeing her discover the world has been so incredible. It’s truly a reminder of appreciating the simple blessings in life, like breeze on your face. Seeing the wonder in her face makes me appreciate the things that so often I take for granted. I think Minh did an incredible job of capturing her amusement as well as the beautiful day that we got to share together.

Here’s to a happy Tuesday, and taking a minute to feel the warm sun on your face.

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