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Sorry for the hiatus from posts the last two days; We took some family time and took sweet Elliot on her first trip to the zoo! I’ll be posting tomorrow as well, so be sure to check by in the morning before you get on with your Saturday plans (those date-night overalls will be highlighted, maybe for your night look).

On to the dress. I searched high and low for this dress. I have a life problem where I imagine an exact item of clothing and am not satisfied until I find it. You see, I can think things up, but have no talent in drawing or sewing; I envy those of you that can create with your hands. Ideally, this would’ve been red, with a collar, but I settled out of honest defeat.

Usually I try not to have preach moments, but I went so simple with this dress that could have been sitting in my closet for months waiting for an occasion that I feel compelled to give you guys some advice that I’ve been telling my mom for years, but am not always so quick to follow. Don’t waste items that you really love for something that you deem a “special” moment. Honestly, every day should feel special. I was walking around on a river beach in a sweet dress and loved every minute of it, just the same as if I wore it to a special brunch or bridal shower. I cleaned it just the same and will get to enjoy it that much more by not saving it. It’s also a perfect time to mix mediums so to speak; take your wedding shoes and pair them with some distressed denim and an easy t-shirt. It’s the opportune time for personal style to emerge and for you to take some fashion risks because quite frankly it seems that anything goes in the fashion world as long as you approach it with confidence and a point of view.  The notion of personal style and self-expression is really peaking now, so take advantage and play with what you have!

Dress (H&M)

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