This ensemble was inspired by a trip that I took to Florence, Italy almost two years ago. We were eating burrata at this beautiful restaurant and I couldn’t help but people watch. I saw a girl, who happened to be wearing black jeans, a navy turtleneck and an ivory lace top, and thought she looked so chic. I came home, and worked with what I had.

When I began to style it I started to think, we can’t really just put clothing on and expect it to look like what we are envisioning. We have to create the look (I think this is part of why I love fashion so much, because I am artistically challenged so I can “sculpt” my clothing and get creative in that way). For this, I kept the booties unzipped and topped it off with a cross body for an effortless, practical feel that was applicable to my life.

Have you ever traveled somewhere and been moved by what you saw around you? I’d love to hear about your travel adventures and if you’ve felt particularly connected to a certain location!

Photo Credit: Instant de Vie Photography

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