Where the Sidewalk Ends: With Willow



So taking outfit selfies requires the ability to contort, or four arms. I have neither and thankfully to this point Minh has been my saving grace. Bear with me today.

It’s pretty yucky here, so Willow and I had a relatively short stroll. I struggled for a long time wearing these pants because I thought people in the town I live in would look at me like I’m crazy, and maybe they do, but I love them and they are actually pretty practical when it’s cold and wet.

They are vegan leather, which is the new, far more sofisticated sounding “pleather” that I used to sport in the early 2000’s. Because of that, they’re water resistent (who needs rain boots when you have vegan leather?) and basically like walking around in a trash bag (that equals warm). I also really appreciate the affordability. Leather pants start at a price point of $250 which is really a splurge. I paired these guys with a western inspired chambray dress (similar shirt here). It softens the look, making it more accessible; Throw on some sneaks and it’s pretty darn comfortable!

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