Imperfect details

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I have always been partial to an interactive dinner table. In my opinion, there’s no better ice breaker than sitting down and having to communicate with people who you may never have met or that you know very well and have them pass, cut, pour or hold for you.

I am also a huge advocate for imperfect perfection. So often, we see dinner tables set and it looks like everything is plastic. I love different textures, mixing old and new and maybe leaving the tarnish on an old silver coffee pot for some natural, flawed beauty (ever thought of what mercury glass looks like: tarnished silver).

On this table, I’ve used items from around the house that weren’t intended for a dinner table. For instance, the “champagne bucket” was on the mantle in Elliot’s nursery. I washed it out, filled it with ice and repurposed it rather than going out and buying something that met the color scheme I wanted to go with. I also wanted some egg details to make it seasonal; instead of purchasing the eight dollar fake eggs (that was per egg), I got some white eggs from the market for under two dollars, Easter egg dye kit for one dollar and made them match my color scheme! They add to the interactive table as they can be peeled and eaten and are a custom-made element (and for those of you with children old enough, a fun afternoon activity).

I hope that this table inspires you to look around your house for things that you can use to make a table scape work. It may take a little more effort and creativity, but at the end of the day you’ll have a unique and engaging table for the holiday season!


One thought on “Imperfect details

  1. So pretty. If I’m ever adult enough to have a dinner party, I will be hiring you to style it (and cook because you’re basically a professional chef compared to me).


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