Another Case of the Mondays


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Photo Credit: Instant de Vie Photography

Honestly, as a stay at home mom, days can run together. While there are extra hands around to help during  the weekend, you’re still Mom. Unfortunately, today I’ve got a bit of a case of the Mondays. There are things to be done; things that I wanted to do, but can’t and I’m not super thrilled about it.

In lieu of being a little crabby, for you today I have the: I-don’t-care-what-I’m-wearing-and-want-to-be comfortable-but-still-not-look-like-a-train-wreck-because-that-will-only-make-my-day-worse-look. (yep, that’s the thought process that goes on; please tell me I’m not the only woman who thinks this way??!)

I will say, I adore this faux fur vest and I am always happy that hats are around. I try to bring “winter” pieces as far into spring as possible. Pair your vest with something short-sleeved to give them a little more seasonal longevity.

I hope the video makes you smile if you’re not having a good day so far and if you’re having a great day, CHEERS (and send some good vibes this way). XX

Vest (Banana Repubic Similar here and here), Jeans (Gap)*, T-Shirt (Target, Similar here), Hat (JCrew), Shoes (Crown Vintage)

*The jeans at Gap are on super sale!


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