Popcorn Turtleneck

View More: http://instantdeviephotography.pass.us/with-ellie

View More: http://instantdeviephotography.pass.us/with-ellie                                                              View More: http://instantdeviephotography.pass.us/with-ellie

I have what some might consider an unhealthy addiction to turtlenecks. I’m thrilled that rash guards have come back, because now I can wear my obsession through the summer season. That being said, before I can pull that out, there’s this awkward transitional time of what feels warm (40 degrees seems balmy after 8 degree days), but in reality, there’s still a chill to the air. In addition to my turtleneck problem, I love white. This ivory turtleneck is comfortable, warm and can be dressed up or down. Here, I’ve shown it as I would wear it to the market or visiting my husband at the office. It’s easy, but still chic.

Tips for styling:

1.Make sure when you’re wearing a high-top (sneaker or bootie) with your pants (unless it is an intentional tuck) that you see a little ankle; seeing the skin breaks up the line and helps keep your legs from looking stumpy.

2. A simple roll of the cuff or slide of the sleeve up to your elbow makes the outfit look styled, but not in an obvious way; my goal is to look pulled together without trying too hard.

3. I always wear at least one bracelet. It was given to me by my mom and never comes off.  Just a simple gold band. For me, it has dual purposes: entertaining my daughter and a signature spin. Steve Jobs decided to only wear black turtlenecks (smart man) at some point in his life. They say highly intelligent people wear the same thing so that they don’t have to waste brain power on the daily minutia. I’m not pushing it that far, but I love that if I’m in a rush I will always have some jewelry on.

Stay tuned to see the sweater styled for a night out.

Sweater (Banana Republic),  Jeans (Jcrew) Similar Ecru Jeans (Jcrew), Sneakers (Nike via Jcrew)

Baby Elliot’s Outfit: Sweater (Ralph Lauren), Similar sweater here (Ralph Lauren), Jeans (Target), Sneakers (Baby Zara) Similar pair here (Baby Zara).

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