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I am not going to tell you that it is imperative that you start making your babies food from the first time that they try “solids”; I found that a bit impractical. Just like adults, babies are picky; they have preference and their taste buds differ, especially if you have introduced formula or only breast-fed up to that point. It’s known that breast milk is much sweeter than formula, so your baby may have trouble stomaching green beans on the first shot. Making a months worth of green beans homemade and then discovering that your little one won’t eat them is an expense and frustration that’s not necessary.

At the sign of Elliot wanting to eat, I carefully read the ingredient list and purchased organic baby food. I didn’t buy any that had added preservatives, which was actually easier to find than I had anticipated. Once she and I figured out what she liked I made those same combinations at home and knew that in a jam, I  could buy store brands that weren’t filling her up with unnecessary preservatives.

I use the Infantino baby food bags and crazy filling contraption rather than freezing them in ice trays, but do what you like or what is affordable for you. You also don’t need a baby cookbook, but remember that you do need to heat everything that you make. Babies can’t have raw food, so initially, even banana puree needs to be cooked and cooled before serving.

Another tip that I took advantage of really quickly was frozen fruits and vegetables. They are seriously picked at the peak of freshness (I recently watched a “How it’s Made” and it’s super cool) and are much more affordable with (obviously) a longer shelf life. Just be careful when tempted by things like strawberries; some fruits and veggies have a higher possibility of allergic reaction so always check with a doctor if in doubt.

To some of you it may seem like a lot of extra work and it is, but for me food is a love language and I felt such gratification when I made Elliot her first baby food. It’s something that you can do in bulk and freeze quite far in advance which is nice, but can also puree some of the veggies that you may be making for the rest of the family!


Pink Piggies

Pink Piggies
I am on a serious search for the perfect pink shoe. The styles that I like range. Here I’ve shared some options varying in price points also. Which are your favorite? Have any suggestions for places to search? Stay tuned for the pair that I pick and ALL of the ways that they can be styled!
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Mixed Metals and Pops of Pastel


View More: http://instantdeviephotography.pass.us/handbags

View More: http://instantdeviephotography.pass.us/handbags

View More: http://instantdeviephotography.pass.us/handbags


For a long time I had an issue with mixed metals. I still don’t love it when it’s unintentional, but silver and gold got married creating the ever popular “gilver” and now I’m a believer. I also never paired warm colors with cooler ones, but rosy pink and grey have become one of my absolute favorite combinations. As I mentioned a few posts earlier, pink is my new nude. It also happens to be EVERYWHERE this season. I mean, from home decor to socks, you can’t escape it and I’m thrilled.

The clutch is one of the most versatile pieces that you can have in your wardrobe. Obviously, they are great for weddings and formal occasions, but the use of them for date nights and during the day is wonderful! I schlep around a giant diaper bag most of the time, so lately I’ve been keeping my items in a clutch or small cross body.

I’m loving that small handbags and cross body’s are so on trend right now; they eliminate back pain (the first thing my doctor told me to drop when I was pregnant was my ten pound purse) and really, we only need our identification, some form of payment, a great lip color and phone. Those things easily fit in a tiny bag.

Take Easter and all of the pastel colors as a moment to embrace it and if you love it, keep on using it! Opt for a small bag in a go with everything metallic or pastel! You won’t regret it, I promise.

White wristlet (JCrew, similar here), Necklace (JCrew, similar here), Button Clutch (Aldo), Platinum Clutch (Nordstrom).

Photo Credit: Instant de Vie Photography